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Repairs guides for the Fender Frontman 15r, a small, 15 watt, practice guitar amplifier. Model number: 022-1500-000.

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I have a broke 1/4 inch input jack

My son accidentally turned amp over & broke the input jack. where can I get a input jack& is this a hard fix?

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Ray, it is not to difficult if you know how to solder. Follow this guide to get to your circuit board. The jack is soldered onto the board. The part number for the 037036. Here is where the problem starts. You may have a tough time finding the right part. You can always check and/or and see if they have a generic one that will fit.

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Its A 4 pin jack, It Uses 1,4,5 & 2. East Fix. Part Number 099-0912-000.. Common Problem, They Break All The Time.

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Oddly Enough, I Know There Is A Third Variation Of The Fender Frontman 15. I've Seen Fender Frontman With Alpha (With Nuts) Pots And Fender Frontman With Snap-in Pots With Knurled Shafts, & Snap-in With D-Shafts.

On SOME Fender Frontman Amplifiers, The Input Jack Has A Flimsy Protection Cover Over The Jack.

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There is room to use a standard Switchcraft 1/4-inch jack and use wires to connect it to the circuit board. They are the same jack as you would use in a Fender Strat or most any other guitar and are widely available at music stores.

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