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How do you fix a dusty screen?

Hi everyone,

I have an iPod Touch 2nd Generation 32gb and it has a dusty screen. Before I go tearing into it, I would like to know if I can open my iPod (following the ifixit guide on how to replace an iPod touch screen) and wipe off the screen to remove the dust. If this is possible should I use a damp cloth or something else? Is this possible or should I buy a new screen?? The dust doesn't hinder the performance but it is annoying to look at while watching movies.

Thanks for the help.

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If you get one of those microfiber clothes, that should work pretty well for removing the dust. Make sure you wipe off both the LCD and the inside of the glass.

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thanks for the help! a microfiber cloth won't scratch the LCD though will it??


It certainly shouldn't scratch it- I repair iPhones as a side job, and I always clean the LCD and glass off before reassembling. I've never had a problem with it scratching. Just be sure you're gentle. :)


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Thank you so much for your reply Josh, great idea. I tried to repair many mobile phones and when i need to clean the LCD, I generally used cheap, low quality adhesive tapes because the cheap ones do not stick so well it reduces the possibility to harm the LCD coating and it really collects the dust very well. For people who want to try this method please be very careful and try it first on a broken, useless junk LCD. By the way I am not a pro. I'm trying to fix things just for hobby :).

Great site, great people, thank you so much everybody.

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