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Información de reparación para el dispositivo de almacenamiento externo Seagate Expansion HDD. Disponible por primera vez en Amazon en 2015. Números de modelo: STEA1000400, STEA2000400, STEA3000400, STEA4000400, STEA5000402.

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Windows PCs won't detect Seagate External HDD

I have an external hard drive by Seagate, model is STEB6000403, and it won't be detected by my Windows computer. Each time I plug it in I can hear the disks spinning and the computer makes the normal "dudunk" sound whenever you plug something new into a USB port, but nothing shows up. The HDD does give two spaced beeps, probably both about a second apart before the disk stops spinning. I've tried to find somewhere official or non-official that describes these beeps as some sort of audible error code, but I have found nothing so far. I've tried a few of the solutions suggested online, those being:

  • Trying different ports on the computer
  • Using a different USB Micro B cable
  • Trying on a different computer

I moved on to the more "advanced" solutions where I took about the HDD. One common problem that seems to come up is that peoples drive heads get stuck so I thought I'd investigate this a possibility. Upon opening up the HDD the drive heads were not resting on the disk and in the expected position. I decided to plug the HDD into the computer with the disk exposed. The drive heads move across the disk to the center twice, each time the got to the center is when the beep occurred, then they moved back to their resting position. Does anyone have even an inkling as to how to fix this?

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Seagate are just too easy to get defected. I owned 2 external seagate models and they was already rip in 3-5 months.

If you have some local hardware repair service - bring it to them to test it out if is really defected.

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