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Repair information for the Fitbit Sense. A smartwatch with GPS tracker, health and fitness sensors.

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Sense won't power on or sync

My Fitbit sense won't power on. It's been on the charger all night. I've tried all troubleshooting tips and nothing! Holding button for 10 seconds or more,cleaning connection with alcohol wipes,left on charger,tried a different charger and used laptop to charge. Restarted my phone. I uninstalled my Fitbit app,,turned Bluetooth on and off. Any other suggestions? When I go to the app, it won't sync to my s21 ultra phone. Can I take apart this watch? I've had it over 1 year, so probably no warranty.

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Fitbit Sense instructions; To charge Sense:

Plug the charging cable into the USB port on your computer, a UL-certified USB wall charger, or another low-energy charging device.

Hold the other end of the charging cable near the port on the back of the watch until it attaches magnetically.

How do you know if your Fitbit sense is charging?

To check if your Fitbit is actually charging, for watches, tap its screen twice to turn the screen on temporarily. For trackers like the Inspire or Charge Series, tap the screen once to check its charging status. Your Fitbit shows the current battery level for a few seconds, then goes dark.

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I had this same thing happen to me on 7/23/2022; device w/only show Fitbit logo. After running through all the fixes suggested by Fitbit and online, I called Fitbit's Customer Service. After about a half hour on the phone running through the same suggested fixes with the Customer Svc Rep, he said I would probably have to replace the device. I was sent a 33% off coupon by Fitbit to buy another one. I just bought this in 04/2021! I'm doing more research before I buy another device from Fitbit.

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I just had this happen too :( so disappointing that you can't even bring to repair store for them to physically look at it. Customer support offered me 35% discount on new watch (that expired within 30 days) and a new band. I told them I don't have faith in the product anymore, and can't afford to spend close to.$400 every 2-3 years on a new unreliable product. :(

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Two months ago I replaced my Sense with Sense 2 because I thought an upgrade would help. It is worse, ive used hourstrying to get things to work, even sinply charging it! The charge DOES last DAYS, however. I've used fitbits solidly for 12 years, and premium with coaching for the past 2 years. Disappointed to say the least. I do not want a different tracker but the product has gotten worse. My Sense at least had Find my Phone feature work rather consistently and intermittently would display texts. My Sense 2 has wasted too much of my time for a new device. I had already given away my other Sense, bragging about it despite the issues. My disappointment is big.

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I bought my mother a Fitbit sense, in May, of 2022. She did not regret it, so it will not charge, at all, do you know if it is a repair shop that can look at it?

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If this is under warranty, call/email Fitbit for warranty service.

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Simple solution. Don't buy Fitbit. Awful unreliable things. There are better options on the market. If you don't want apple or Samsung then look at Huawei or Amazfit. I have 3 Amazfits and have never had an issue. And the batteries last for weeks not just a day or two.

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