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Valve Steam Controller, released November 10th 2015. Model 1001.

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My right bumper isn't working

I was playing a game and was pressing and holding this button a lot. Suddenly, it stopped working. I ran the diagnose on Big Picture mode and when I pressed it really hard it was detected, which led me to believe the problem was with the button piece and not the “sensor”. I haven’t tried opening it yet. How can I fix it?

Update (12/19/2021)

I opened yesterday and can say for sure now it’s the button.

Block Image

I’m thinking the only way to fix this now is to 3D print another piece

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9 out of 10 times its the sensor, not the button itself.

the only way youre going to fix it is by opening it.

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@madame can you post a picture of the sensor also? but i think i see what youre talking about

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@logixal I think I posted a picture as an update on this post. The piece of plastic broke, but the electronic part seems intact

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oooo i see, is the other part of it inside the controller? possible to superglue it? @madame

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