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Laptop manufactured by Asus, running on Google Chromebook OS. Released June of 2014.

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laptop will not start.battery&power light blinks but no turn on

all thats happening is power light on top right flashes. and orange battery light goes on when we plug it in. sceen stay inactive, nothing…

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The power light of an ASUS Chromebook C300M flashes when the computer is in “Sleep Mode.” The orange light indicates that your battery is charging, but the power is low.

Please allow the Chromebook to finish charging; it may take a while if the battery is low.

Try holding down the power button for 10 seconds or until the power light stops flashing. Then close the lid, reopen it, and turn it back on. That may help get it out of “Sleep Mode.”

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Ok I tried this but it just goes back to blinking, it’s at full charge but just won’t turn on, I only got the laptop about 4 months ago

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If rebooting didn't work, try a hard reset. First, turn off your Chromebook. Then press and hold the Refresh button (it looks like a circular arrow). Then tap the power button. Only release the Refresh button when the Chromebook boots up.

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This worked. Thank you!!

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@dancomptia Hard Reset for the win on ASUS Chromebook C423N

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Lenovo Chromebook C330: The first one works, thank you!

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As you said "Power button flashes once when pushed, but no fan spin"

My guess is your laptop isn't getting the right electricity, it might be your power supply problem.

You need to go to a service point.

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Did you ever figure out what was wrong or get this fixed?

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