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El reloj inteligente Samsung Gear de tercera generación, lanzado por primera vez en noviembre de 2016. Presenta una pantalla OLED redonda que ejecuta el sistema operativo Tizen.

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Won't Turn on After Replacing Battery

I replace the battery on my Gear S3 Classic. I followed some video and had no issues. I've dealt with this kind of stuff before.

The charging screen comes on when I place it on the charger and it seems to react when I push the back button. I mention this because it doesn't do anything at all when I hold down the "Home" / power button.

I've researched a good amount and saw that some people have success with holding both buttons, holding the Home for 10 seconds, and of course checking all of the connectors. I have also tried using the original battery.

Of course, I've had no luck with any of these. My current guess is that the home button is not working anymore for some reason.

Has anyone had this issue and if so how did you fix it?

If not that, could someone link me a resource to learn more about the insides of the watch so I can continue troubleshooting it?

Thank you!

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Maybe the new battery is damaged. Try installing the old one and tell me if it works.

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Bought two at the start and neither work. I'm going to attempt cleaning the connections.

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Does the power button show any response at all? I'm not sure exactly which one is the power button but I recommend making sure these batteries have at least 3.7 Volts via measuring with a digital multimeter if possible.

I've replaced a battery for a Gear S3 Classic which essentially is the same as this one and it worked great.

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There is no response at all from the power button.

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