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Pantalla LCD panorámica de 4,3" con un procesador de 333 MHz. Número de modelo PSP98510. La reparación de este dispositivo requiere destornilladores comunes y herramientas de palanca.

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It doesn't turn on

Hi, everything started when backlight just stopped working. Like your turn it on one times it works but other time after a few minutes it just stopped working. And then even it doesn't turn on anymore. Like if you're charging orange comes on but fades off after a few minutes and PSP won't turn on anyways. Please help :(

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Let's try this: press and hold the following combinations of keys: Triangle + Square + Start + Select. While holding the buttons, flip the Power button in order to switch the device on. Release all keys as soon as the Sony logo appears on the screen (if it does).

If not, try powering it up while the charger is plugged in, but not the battery.

There is not much I can do about the backlight other than suggesting that you replace the screen.

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Oh, the problem is that Start button isn't working so I can't try that combination. I tried it turning it on without battery in it, it didn't help.

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Alright so what else is not working? How do you even pause a game if the Home bar isn't working right?

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For now I suggest that you take your console apart, reconnect the LCD ribbon cable and the Home bar cable and see if anything changes.

Also, is the front case seated properly? or are there gaps between it and the chasis?

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The thing is, the button is just broken from inside. I don't know how to explain it in English. I'll try to reconnect LCD ribbon, yes front case is seated properly.

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You could just add a picture of the damage of the Home bar

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