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Aporte original por: jeddyr ,


Real Way---here are the directions......1.first you have your iPod usb connected to the computer in usb slot.2. hold the power button and home for 10 seconds.3.a slide power off option will appear then (ignore it) soon as your iPod turns off you let go of the power button and not the (home).5.a apple logo would appear then you let go and in a few second a recovery mode option should appear on your (ok) should take you to recovery mode you click (restore) and your iPod should go back to default options and everything will be just like it came out the box.(IMPORTANT)it will only work on the computer that you started your iPod on,My advice to you is if its stolen or found take your iPod to a apple store or if not maybe a repair shop because theres nothing you can do if you try to guess the passcode it will locked and it will be worst Than you think.!!!!!!GOOD LUCK:0