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Aporte original por: erikiorai ,


Yes you can as of now[br]

1 go download flipnote lenny[br]

2 extract all the files to the root of sd card[br]

4 put the sd card in dsi and open flipnote studio[br]

5 click view flipnotes[br]

6 click sd card[br]

7 click on lenny flipnote with EUR orUSA or JP[br]

8 click edit[br]

9 click the flipnote frog[br]

9 go to frame editing and click copy[br]

10 exit this flipnote[br]

11 open the big lenny face[br]

12 click edit[br]

13 open frame editing and click paste[br]

14 now using d pad chose fwtools.nds and press A[br]

15 write down CID on peper[br]

16 on up screan using d pad chose Dump Nand and press A[br]

17 now wait until complites[br]

18 Then chose Exit and click A and turn off the dsi[br]

19 now search for nand.bin in sd card and copy it on desktop[br]

20 now you done the first part the second part is to decrypt the nand