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Aporte original por: Roscoe Somerville ,


My problem of laptop getting stuck in "preparing automatic repair" screen occurs regularly on first start up / restart following a  Windows update.  -happened again today. (this is on a Acer E1-510 running Windows10 vers1803).

The following works for me -may work for someone else.

After restart my  laptop gets stuck in "Acer  explore beyond limits" screen.  After Hard shutdown(hold start button till laptop turns off), then start(push start button) the laptop gets stuck in "preparing automatic repair" screen. More hard shutdowns and starts just alternate between these 2 stuck screens. The laptop does not display a repair option screen as some sites suggest will happen after the third restart.

However, if I unplug the wire to the modem, then next Start the laptop works! (even if the computer is set to also connect via wifi).    Once I see the spinning dots display after a few seconds, I know I’ve got my computer back.

Somewhere  I saw the suggestion that unplugging any  USB connected devices, & also the power/battery briefly helps.  But, for me, unplugging the modem wire is all that’s needed.

Maybe this is a signal my computer is about to expire, but the method solved the problem for me the last 4 times it occurred.

[I posted this last time at [post|469780]

but it didn’t show  up on my   "preparing automatic repair" search]