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Aporte original por: Nicholas ,


Why is my Roomba 870 only running 20 Minuets?


Okay so i have a Roomba 870 & i also have a 560 ...  i have been charging them and  testing both to see the run times ... My 560 runs for an hour sometimes more ... But my 870 Dies with in 20 Minuets "( .... Ive done everything to troubleshoot this issue ... Ive switched batteries between the 560 & 870 ... 870 still dies even tho the 560 ran on that battery for over an hour ... Ive even bought a brand new battery ... still dies in 20 minuets ... i have used 2 different docking stations, which work fine on my 560 and they do charge the 870 so i know that can't be the issue ... I have done the 30 Second reset holding the power button with the battery in & out ... I am loosing my mind trying to figure this out, If anybody has fixed this or knows WTH is going on PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Help me out !!!


iRobot Roomba 870