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Mine starting acting up this year.  I was purchased in June 2014 and run that summer. Put away and re-ran the summer of 2015--June through Sept.  Ran it from May to mid July in 2016.  Now I plug it in for the first time in 2017 and it ran it for the day then the EC displayed.  Checked the water bucket...........BONE DRY.

The Fan was running, but clearly the condenser wasn't or it lost it's Freon charge.  Tried it again today..........ran for 2 the EC message and still the bucket was bone dry.   You cant dis-assemble the thing because they have 2 Philips head screws way down the upper sides and unless you have a 12"+'ll never get the screws out.

I think it's poor when a $200+ product doesn't last but for maybe 10 total months of use before it quite.  But "made in china" tells you something.