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Aporte original por: Ron ,


Thanks.  I tried both the SAFE MODE boot and the Boot From External Drive boot.  Both ended with the universal "NO" symbol after the Apple logo was up for a few seconds.  The Alt key boot did not show any drives at all.  I inserted the OSX CD and tried the Alt Key boot again, and it showed the Optical drive.  I selected the Optical drive and booted from it, and got the usual frozen Apple logo after several seconds.

Interesting that it does not seem to recognize a hard drive at all, internal or external, but does recognize the optical drive.  I had a loaner Macbook a few days back and did a Target boot with it.  It did show the iBook hard drive, so I copied the Macbook OS to it, hoping that would make it bootable....but I continue to get the same results.

Question.....should the machine normally boot up from the optical drive even if there is no hard drive installed?  If that is the case, then I am beginning to wonder if the problem is with the optical drive "or" the install CDs.