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Aporte original por: Ron ,


Again, thanks for the responses.

1. I have not tried the PRAM reset with the new logic board, however I did it several times with the old board.  Also, I don't recall hearing the "chime' with the new board as I did with the old board, so I will verify the speaker cable is connected properly and try a PRAM reset.

2. Booting to an external (USB OK?) drive sounds like a good idea....but I'm not sure how to do that.  I do have a drive with OSX 10.4 on it.  Is there a key combination to make it select an external drive?

3. I know how to boot into SAFE mode with a Windows do I do it with a Mac?

4. I do not have another Mac to try booting the hard drive in.

5. The OSX 10.3 CDs are ones I purchased on Ebay, but they appear to be OEM Apple CDs.