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Aporte original por: milton gee ,


Extraction of broken earphone jack for iPad 2 if Crazy Glue method not working

materials needed:

new 1/64th inch drill bit with good grade electric drill

#4 by 1 inch sheet metal screw

small phillips head screw driver

1 "brad" nail (very thin and about 1 inch long)

needle nose pliers


apply moderate pressure while drilling about 3/4 full speed to create hole in embedded piece.  Metal collar can be coaxed out with nail leaving remaining plastic core and plug covered with thin metal cover.  Gently continue drilling to make an eccentric hole between the stuck piece and sidewall of plug receptacle.  Screw the sheet metal screw into the hole about 6 turns.  Do not screw in excessively or risk pulling the entire receptacle out of iPad. Grab the screw with pliers and pull.  Repeat a little drilling, screwing in and pulling until the piece comes out.

Conclusion:  With a bit of computer knowledge and patience this method worked in my situation and the earphone jack receptacle is functional although I will use a bluetooth headset in future.   I did not try to glue method first.