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Aporte original por: Brian ,


It seems after talking to some people and researching ODEX vs DEODEXED, and even some IRC channels talk I found what I need.

I found a sense based ROM that won't upset your rooting or change your HBOOT etc. located here:

I have not confirmed some of this, like if 4G is working yet, since 4G was not on during activation its not currently working, maybe thats the issue, however the point was to activate the phone which worked fine.

Of course following the normal steps when applying a new ROM applies and I plan on doing a "fresh" install of my ASOP based ROM just to ensure the backup wont apply old system service info.

Hopefully this info will help someone looking for info on new service for a rooted android based Supersonic device.

I may add some info later about 4G service if needed or if my HBOOT or other info was changed. ( its working why change HBOOT version etc ).