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Una notebook de clase empresarial con una pantalla táctil de 13.3".

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Why does my laptop turn on but no image?

Laptop powers on, fan runs and all lights power but screen has no image.

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happens to me as well, but mine is 2560p. it boots, shows the hp logo but doesnt show welcome screen or anything

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Hi @pravnav ,

If you have Win 10 installed, try starting in safe mode and check if there is an image after boot up.

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how stupid..if the screen is blank how am I supposed to start in safe mode..?

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Hi @mudeeblu,

My comment should be read in the context in which it was given. It was in answer to the comment above mine (check the user names)

It said that the HP logo was being shown on startup just nothing when the laptop booted into the OS.

Getting the HP logo means that the hardware is working

When you boot in safe mode only basic video drivers are loaded, not the drivers that are specific to the graphics adapter in the laptop.

So if you do get a screen when in safe mode you know you have an OS startup problem or a video driver problem.

If you don't you can get into BIOS and check there.

Not stupid at all if you fully read both comments!

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From the information you have provided me with, there are a few possibilities as to what might be wrong with your laptop. The most likely of these possibilities is that your motherboard or graphics card may need to replaced. For more information on the subject and repair guides on how to fix the problem you should refer to the troubleshooting page for this device.

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my dear friend

I tell you some steps,

1 remove the battery and c-mos cell ( then take display )

2 clean your ram ( then take display )

3 lcd display cable jack remove and clean it and fix ( then take display )

4 remove finger print strip + and power card ( sim card )

( then take display )

5 check your motherboard supply coils all is coming or not ( with multimeter)

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First try a static discharge this is done by disconnecting the battery then disconnect the power adapter with no power at all to the laptop. Then hold the power button down for 60 sec then put the battery back and plug it in and start it up. If this doesn't help try connecting to an external monitor .If this works then we know there's a problem with the screen . If this doesn't work we can now look at the motherboard or video card

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my laptop screen light is out i use your tip and its work and screen light is turn on thanks a lot

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With the limited information provided, it is hard to determine the issue. However there are several steps (others has already mention some of them) that you can perform to isolate the problem to include the following:

1. Disconnect AC adapter and remove battery. Once you have removed the battery, press and hold the power button to ensure all power has drained from the motherboard. Reinsert battery and connect AC adapter, then power on device. If this resolves problem, device was probably hung up.

2. With device turned off, connect laptop to external monitor via VGA or DisplayPort and then power on device. If laptop produces any output to external monitor, there might be an issue with the laptop LCD screen or internal cables.

3. With device powered off, replace memory modules and then power on laptop (this requires opening the laptop and should be performed by someone that knows how to repair computers). If the device powers on, the RAM might have been defective.

Are there any POST/BIOS beeps or sounds when the device is powered on? If you have a another device that is powered by USB (smartphone), does it show a charging status when plugged into a laptop USB port after being powered on? If these steps do not help, please provide additional information (ie. was the device recently dropped , has the laptop recently received an Windows update or have you upgraded to a new operating system)?

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My 840 will power on for 2 seconds and then power off and sometimes will do this several times. A couple of times I closed the lid and when I opened it back up it had gone to missing boot device screen because I have no hdd in it. I have tried all the above but no changes. Bought this from a recycler so have no history on it.

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I have the Same issue with hp elitebook 8440p.when i try formatting then it starts rebooting every second.does not last long for 5sec

Please help out

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Laptop on but no output and screen black no backlight how to solve

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i fixed mine issue by replace the faulty RAM which make the laptop to reboot every second ...... Thanks for the help

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@CHINA MALL ..... what type of laptop is it ???

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hey first of all did u try to connect it to outside monitor and see if it's working or not .

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