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With the limited information provided, it is hard to determine the issue. However there are several steps (others has already mention some of them) that you can perform to isolate the problem to include the following:

1. Disconnect AC adapter and remove battery. Once you have removed the battery, press and hold the power button to ensure all power has drained from the motherboard. Reinsert battery and connect AC adapter, then power on device. If this resolves problem, device was probably hung up.

2. With device turned off, connect laptop to external monitor via VGA or DisplayPort and then power on device. If laptop produces any output to external monitor, there might be an issue with the laptop LCD screen or internal cables.

3. With device powered off, replace memory modules and then power on laptop (this requires opening the laptop and should be performed by someone that knows how to repair computers). If the device powers on, the RAM might have been defective.

Are there any POST/BIOS beeps or sounds when the device is powered on? If you have a another device that is powered by USB (smartphone), does it show a charging status when plugged into a laptop USB port after being powered on?  If these steps do not help, please provide additional information (ie. was the device recently dropped , has the laptop recently received an Windows update or have you upgraded to a new operating system)?