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If you are having difficulties with the Honda CSC29 alternator, try referring to the Honda CSC29 troubleshooting page.

Background and Identification

Honda CSC29 ID: 9764219-329 104210-3293

Honda uses DENSO manufactured alternators as original parts in its vehicles, in which the alternators' lightweight, highly efficient, and durable design make them well suited for rough conditions. DENSO alternators are subjected to rigorous tests in which the stators and rectifiers are tested at 300 volts and the rotors are tested at 600 volts. In addition, the rotor slip rings are buffed to an 8 micron surface finish, with run out limited to 20 microns, which minimizes brush wear and abrasions. The Bearings are set to OE standards and loaded with premium OE-standard lubricants.

Available in versions ranging from 40 to 160 amperes and beyond for a plethora of specific vehicle applications, all alternators meet DENSO's rigorous First Time Fit® standards. "DENSO First Time Fit alternators meet or exceed all manufacturer standards, mount properly with a minimum of installation issues, and provide years of reliable service."

Additional Information

Clear Diagram of the Honda CSC29 Alternator

Description of Alternator Parts

Alternator replacement cost, best practices, common symptoms, and common misdiagnoses

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