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Información de reparación y desmontaje para el iPhone SE de segunda generación, anunciado y lanzado en abril de 2020.

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iPhone keeps restarting on its own…

Since the beginning of this month, my phone has been freezing randomly and restarting on its own. I noticed that many people have had this issue with Watchdog Timeouts, but my panic logs seem to be a bit different each time. The most common one says “logd” (8x/5days), but others say “wifid” (5x/5days), and “Springboard” (2x/5days). Below is a bit of the panic string, so I wonder if anyone can give me some insight! Thanks in advance!

"bug_type":"210","timestamp":"2022-12-05 15:09:23.00 +0900","os_version":"iPhone OS 16.1.2 (20B110)","roots_installed":0,"incident_id":"98054DE3-28E1-45CB-AAB5-F49DC84A0294"}


"build" : "iPhone OS 16.1.2 (20B110)",

"product" : "iPhone12,8",

"socId" : "0x00008030",

"kernel" : "Darwin Kernel Version 22.1.0: Thu Oct 6 19:32:38 PDT 2022; root:xnu-8792.42.7~1\/RELEASE_ARM64_T8030",

"incident" : "98054DE3-28E1-45CB-AAB5-F49DC84A0294",

"crashReporterKey" : "a14c8e4c9b187b6b28525a751008e627e85d452b",

"date" : "2022-12-05 15:09:23.08 +0900",

"panicString" : "panic(cpu 3 caller 0xfffffff02c9a7618): userspace watchdog timeout: no successful checkins from logd in 724 seconds\nservice returned not alive with context : unresponsive dispatch queue(s): \nlogd appears to not exist in launchd\nservice: backboardd, total successful checkins in 4333 seconds: 358, last successful checkin: 0 seconds ago\nservice: SpringBoard, total successful checkins in 4303 seconds: 345, last successful checkin: 612 seconds ago\nservice: mediaserverd, total successful checkins in 4333 seconds: 357, last successful checkin: 0 seconds ago\nservice: logd, total successful checkins in 4333 seconds: 340, last successful checkin: 724 seconds ago\nservice: thermalmonitord, total successful checkins in 4333 seconds: 348, last successful checkin: 507 seconds ago\nservice: runningboardd, total successful checkins in 4333 seconds: 352, last successful checkin: 0 seconds ago\nservice: wifid, total successful checkins in 4333 seconds: 340, last successful checkin: 724 seconds ago\nservice: configd, total successful checkins in 4333 seconds: 357, last suc\nDebugger message: panic\nMemory ID: 0x1\nOS release type: User\nOS version: 20B110\nKernel version: Darwin Kernel Version 22.1.0: Thu Oct 6 19:32:38 PDT 2022; root:xnu-8792.42.7~1\/

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@taikojd, I’m no expert on panic logs, but getting many kernel panics, and several different ones, points to more than one issue.

May I suggest the iDevice Kernel Panic Log Analyzer. This is a very good tool for analysis.

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Thank you for your reply! I actually downloaded this program yesterday and while it detects the phone, for some reason, it seems to not find any panic logs. Might there be some settings I need to change on the phone? Maybe the software is having trouble because of the latest iOS update? Hmm…

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I have a similar issue with an iPhone 11 that I am currently working on. I am doing a video about it and post in on YouTube the following days. My panic logs are similar to yours, but my problem is that I can’t back up the device due to the restarts. I will approach it being a hardware issue and will start by replacing the Wi-Fi chip as it’s the only thing I can do without losing the data. Will update on this shortly!

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hey guys i am also facing the same issue with my iphone x since a week it keeps on restarting every 3-5 mins , tried every possible hardware fix i.e: changing battery, power button flex , charging port flex even swapping the motherboard with another donor mobile but the issue still persists. I cannot backup my phone via icloud/itunes as it keeps restarting. Today just bought a new iphone 13 just to transfer my data in it but again it restarts in the middle of the transfer process. I will be really grateful if someone comes up with a solution as i am in huge distress and need assistance.

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Shahmeer Jiskani, You should start your own question, so you can add your details and images if necessary.

Has the phone had any damage? Drop, liquid, etc? What does the kernel panic log say?

Take the latest kernel panic and post on fex SourceBin then add the link you get when you click Save to your new question. This helps in diagnosing your problem(s).

The power- / charge flex assemblies you tried, were they premium made or just some cheap ones off eBay, AliExpress, etc? Cheap ones tend to not have the necessary sensors, which is a primary cause for 180 second reboots.

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So I have not seen this specific panic but based on the info here's what I'm getting from this.

There is an item missing in launchd that the phone is expecting to be there but either isn't present or isn't running.

Launchd on Unix based operating systems like macOS (and iOS) is an operating service which manages launching other services your device needs when it loads. If it's referencing various services that are missing (wifid being WiFi related daemons and springboard is the process that manages the home screen) it's possible it's because there is some operating system corruption that is the underlying cause.

That is unusual for kernel panics on iPhone, but they do crop up. I would see if doing an os reinstall via recovery mode makes a difference. Just make sure when you connect the phone in recovery mode you tell it to update rather than restore unless you know you've got a good backup or don't mind wiping your phone. That's good practice even if you're only doing an update (which just reinstalls the current OS on top of what's already in your your phone) since it's possible you may error which could result in your phone being stuck in recovery due to an incomplete OS.

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Thank you for your reply. So I tried reinstalling the update through recovery mode and the reboot issue persisted, so I tried restore instead. I decided to not restore the iTunes backup I made or download any additional apps for a full day just to check if it is a hardware issue. So far I haven’t had any reboot issues! I decided to download about 8 important apps today and see if I run into any issues over the next day, but keeping my fingers cross that things stay on the up-and-up…

Not sure if it may hint at the root cause, but when trying to restore the chat backup for my LINE app, it only managed to download the past two weeks of chat history because of a “corrupt backup.” Lost 8 years worth of chat history, which is frustrating, but I guess it’s a sacrifice I’ll have to live with (as long as the reboot issue doesn’t start again!).

- de

@taikojd Fabulous! Glad it seems like the issue is resolved. Sorry about the loss of data though. That's a bummer. Been there for sure.

Keep us posted if you run into more issues!

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@taikojd May I ask if your phone has restarted in the past few days after using this method? I also had the same problem as you :(

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@marshallmts I haven’t had any problems so far! I ended up only downloading the important apps at the moment. I think the key may be to not restore any full iTunes or iCloud backup, but keep piecemeal backups of important files, photos, and app data that you can reload manually but by bit. It takes time, and for me it meant losing data, but so far so good.

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@taikojd Your solution is to erase all data through recovery mode, right? I currently plan to reduce the system back to 15.7 after my icloud photo synchronization is completed (this synchronization speed is so slow, it took 3 days to synchronize 10G, but I have more than 100G of photos), and I don’t know if it could work.

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If the phone is covered by the standard Apple Warranty, having more than one kernel panic will typically lead to a device replacement in an Apple Store. Whenever a phone was covered but showed a string of kernel panics, we just had to show the log to a Genius Admin and then the device got replaced 10 times out of 10. I realize that you’re working with the SE from 2020 so it’s less likely that it’s covered by the year warranty but I figured the information was good to have for anyone else looking at this question. Good luck!

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Thanks for the answer. Yes, it is definitely out of warranty, but I guess this means it’s definitely a hardware issue and there is no way to fix it? I was considering downgrading to iOS 15.6 and restoring the apps one-by-one to see if it may be software, but might that be a wasted effort?

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@taikojd In general, what I can see of your panic log seems to be leaning toward this being a software issue rather than a hardware one. The esteemed @flannelist is the closest we have to a kernel panic expert, so hopefully they will chime in here.

In the meantime, doing a full restore on the phone should theoretically fix the problem if it is indeed solely a software issue, so yeah, it would definitely not be a waste of time.

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Your iPhone may restart during charging if there is an issue with any of its hardware, including the device itself, charging cable, and charging port. Broken hardware could easily cause a short circuit or other security problems, explaining why your iPhone is restarting.



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I have a similar issue with an iPhone 11 that I am working on. My panic logs are identical with yours, but the problem is we can’t afford losing any data. I can’t make a backup due to the restarts. I tend to believe there is a software issue rather than hardware, but for the sake of data, will approach a hardware repair attempt. Will start by replacing the WiFi chip. I am recording a video as this is an interesting repair and will post it the following days on my channel:

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I have the same problem, the weird things today which is my phone keeps restarting more often like 12x times today. I use iPhone x 256 gb with battery health 75%. So probably this all on battery but I'm in iOS 16.2, theres recent updates iOS which is iOS 16.3, what do you think if you let me update up to iOS 16.3? Because I was so frustating

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@mlpslime Are you getting the same kernel panic as the original poster, or something different? Have you checked your panic logs? Here's how.

iPhone Kernel Panics

Edit your post and add a screenshot or a cut and paste of the first page or so of any panic logs you have; after that we'll be able to help.

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In general, yeah, a battery health of 75% means it's definitely time for a new one. There were kernel panic bugs introduced in early versions of iOS 16, so if you can update to the latest version possible that may help.

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