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El modelo 970-678431 de Kenmore es una gama de encimeras de cocción inductiva con horno de una puerta y cajón de calentamiento.

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Why is my electric oven taking hours to preheat?

My electric oven is taking over 2 hours to reach 300 degrees farenheit.

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@amccarthy2 could be a bad thermostats or bad heating elements. We would need to know the exact make and model and see if we can find a tech sheet to further help you with that. You would need a multimeter and/or a thermometer that can measure heat in excess of 500deg F to see if it heat s up and to measure the resistance of the heating coil.

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Thank you for your help. The model is a Kenmore C970-678431

- de

Hi @oldturkey03 @amccarthy2 ,

I think that this might be the service sheet for testing and calibrating the oven. It is a direct download link

The service sheet number is 316905007 and I found the number from this parts manual when looking for a C970-678431 model oven. This is also a direct link and it takes a little while to find the file ;-)

Hopefully this helps.

- de

@jayeff that is an awesome find @amccarthy2 check the resistance across the temperature probe and see what you find out. After that we can check the resistance across the heating elements.

- de

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A not heating oven is the most common problem, the cause of this could be a burned fuse or a faulty relay board. There are cases where the main control board may be the reason for a not heating oven. If it is a gas oven most of the time the problem is with the igniter.

Igniter: The igniter is responsible for most of the problems for ovens not heating. Watch the igniter when the oven is on. If the igniter glows for more than 1 minute without igniting the gas into a flame it mostly likely means the igniter is too weak to open the safety valve and probably needs replacement. If there is no glow at all the igniter can be tested with a multimeter and replaced in necessary.

Bake and Broil Elements: The bake and broil elements should be able to glow a red hot. If it can't the oven will not heat properly. Inspect the elements for cracks and holes. They can be tested with a multimeter for continuity.

Spark Electrode: The spark electrode ignites gas for baking and broiling purposes. It sits next to the burner. You can inspect the porcelain housing and the tip of the electrode for damage. Pro Tip: A proper ground and correct polarity of the incoming voltage is required for the spark electrode to function correctly so these need to be checked to as a possible source of the problem.

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