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Repair and disassembly guides for Brother printers.

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Ink absorber full, will not print

I have a Brother MFC-J415W that has a full ink absorber and I am unable to find parts or instructions to bypass the problem. Any ideas?

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I thought that solved the problem but it will not go into maintenance mode. I tried like 10 times and it has been aggravating me for 2 months with this problem. it may be easier to replace the printer with a goodwill buy.

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I also can't find a replacement part.

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That’s not very useful if your ink absorber is in fact full. Check out the Guide linked below instead.

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Here’s a link that describes how to replace the ink absorber in a Brother printer.

If it doesn’t reset after replacing the inkpad, here’s a link to a video that shows how to reset the purge counter for your printer. This should allow you to at least keep on printing.

Update (01/19/2019)


Here’s a link showing the parts of your printer.

On p.12 you’ll find the part numbers relating to the ink absorber parts. (see below)




If you search online by typing the part number only in the search box of your browser you’ll get results for suppliers of the part. A lot say “not in stock” but a few have them (only checked part #2 ;-)

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For my MFC-J4410DW, the parts link is . Also, I've found a site that claims to have the relevant parts:

Update (04/29/2019)

I've created a guide that may help.

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Also, the service manuals are available at This is important since the instructions at the link don't apply to all Brother printers (including mine).

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I cannot thank you enough for your efforts to provide such a helpful and detailed instructions presentation with the excellent photos. Greatly appreciated !!!!!

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@jed125 Wow, thanks! I was hoping it would be useful. Many of the pictures could be better, but I'm not opening the thing up again to take more!

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Followed the instructions to the letter and worked without and redoing:)

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