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AVR-1909 no audio output

I was hoping someone might help me find a troubleshooting breadcrumb to follow. I don’t want to have to take it entirely apart and test every capacitor, resistor, fuse, and transistor to sort the issue out.

I am looking over a Denon AVR-1909 receiver. The unit will output video but no audio.

Steps I have tried:

Re-seating a headphone jack. I see display note the insertion and removal of the headphones and I can hear the relays clicking over as I insert and remove the jack.

No audio outputs to speakers or headphones for any input selection, including the AM/FM tuner.

Protection history is empty

Resetting the microprocessor did not change the symptoms.

I inspected the inside of the unit for any visible damage, bad solder, blown caps, etc and found none.

Thanks in advance!

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Additional details:

The system show FL and FR active.

When using a digital optical cable, it recognizes the signal and bitrate.

Speakers A and B have same result


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Hi @geekittogether ,

Looking at the audio block diagram on p.32 of the service manual for your receiver, one common factor for no audio out from any digital or analogue audio inputs, is if it is setup to receive audio from EXT in

Here’s an image taken from the service manual that shows what I mean.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

The orange arrow indicates audio received from digital sources e.g. HDMI

The blue arrow indicates audio received from analogue sources e.g. AM/FM tuner

The green arrow indicates audio from EXT in (external source?).

Since you are not getting any audio out from any digital or analogue audio input connection, it may be that the switch (Zone2 - SB assign?) shown by the multiple green arrows in the red box is set to ext and not to either ana or dsp.

There is also the possibility that the “mute” function may be operated, ;-)

Here’s a image taken from the troubleshooting section of the user manual that shows what to check if there is no sound from the speakers just to help eliminate other possible causes.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

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Thank you! Zone setting didn't seem to have any effect, which isn't too surprising since switching to Headphone output doesn't produce sound. I tested using optical in, HDMI in, as well as tuner. I tried both zone settings, speaker sets A and B or both, too. Volume is not set to mute and I don't even get a static hiss when I turn the volume to maximum. Also, I don't hear the usual pop sound when plugging in the headphones.

However, I already found a bad relay along the path you highlighted (I have a copy of the service manual, so I was able to compare the block diagram to the circuit schematics). I now have a breadcrumb to follow :)


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