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A portable AM/FM tuning speaker with auxiliary connection for iPod, iPhone, CD player etc. Released in 2002.

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Can the speaker be replaced?

My speaker is very distorted when I turn up the music.

Where can I get a replacement speaker?


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Hi @artvalder ,

Before trying to replace the speaker, have you proved that the speaker is the problem?

If not try the following:

Listen to the audio with headphones. If it is also distorted then it is not the speaker that is the problem. It could be the audio amp.

Listen to the audio using an external audio input connected to the aux input. If not distorted then it is not the speaker. If it is distorted it could be the audio amp.

Apologies if you have already done this, but you didn't say and I'm just covering all bases. ;-)

- de

Good Points! It actually distorts when I have audio connected to the audio in., not on the radio. It can't handle the bass.

- de

Would this be the audio amp as well?

- de

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Hi @artvalder ,

Did you try using headphones at all?

When you say radio, is this both for AM as well as FM?

Only ask because FM is usually stereo and AM is not (although it can be).

If AM is OK and FM not then there may be a problem with the amp, but without a schematic (given nowadays the amp is most probably is contained in a 'chip') it may be difficult to locate.

Can only suggest that you open the speaker and check for any obvious problems,e.g. heat stressed components or bulging capacitors etc.

Be sure to disconnect the battery in the speaker before you start looking about as you don't want to cause anymore problems than what you have already.

If you suspect something is amiss take close up pictures and post back here and somebody may be able to help. Here's how. Agregar imágenes a una pregunta existente.

Also try and find the 'board number' printed on the main pcb as this may help in finding more info regarding the speaker.

Sorry that I can't be of more help at the moment

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