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Lanzado el 23 de junio de 1996, modelo NUS-001, consola de juegos de 64 bits

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N64 Turns on but there is no video

So I was given a N64 to repair and was told that it would play sound but no video. However, when I brought the N64 home to check it out, there was no video or sound. The red light comes on. I have checked all of the cables and power supply with another working console, so those aren't the issue. I have also tested the game and jumper pack I am using on another console and those work as well. I have done my best to clean the cartridge slot and expansion slot. I have even gone as far as resoldering the pins of the cartridge connector, A/V port, and power port.


I'm not sure if this is important to point out, but while I don't have any video/audio, there is a change that happens on certain TV's when I turn the console on. I am using the RF switch for my N64 and when I turn the console on, the TV goes from just displaying static to a black screen. However, it still shows the "No Signal" message on the TV.

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Hi @legendarylee ,

Have you seen this?

No video- not cable or connections.

Also scroll down and take note of the last "answer" in the thread. Just so that you're aware of it before trying the 'solution' at all

- de

@jayeff Thank you for your comment. Yes, I have seen that post and many of the other similar posts on here about this issue. I have tried the stepwise protocol twice and it didn't help my issue.

- de

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I just had this issue, tried cleaning all contacts on console and games as well as re seating the expansion pak. Still the same fault; no signal.

What did fix it was slightly lifting the cartridge up after inserting it down fully, raising it up 3-5mm and it works perfectly!

Maybe all the gunked up dust at the bottom of the console cartridge port prevents a good connection(and is near impossible to access to clean).

Aztec level here we go!


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Sounds like you may have to replace the capacitors like I'm doing on 2 other consoles now.

Block Image

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Where's the best place to purchase that capacitor?

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