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The Trio Stealth G4, manufactured by Mach Speed Technologies, is a touch screen tablet with a 7.85” HD screen. The device has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Google Play capabilities with features that include a quad core processor, and front and rear facing cameras.

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How do I reset my password?

I forgot my password and can't get into my tablet. How can I reset it?

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One of them told me to go to my setting or widgets but HOW WHEN I CANT LOGIN

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Power volume + only resets it. Still asks for password. Help please.

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Yea how wen it asksnfor password to do anything.

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there are many ways, hope it can help you:

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Hi @ Elina ANN,

The Trio Stealth G4 is an Android tablet, not a Windows tablet.

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Hold down Volume + button and Power button at same time. When screen comes on let go of Power button. When the large Android shows on screen let go of Volume + button. Use Volume – button to scroll to Wipe Data/ Factory Reset.

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Will this cause me to lose all my pictures and data? Is there any other way to reset just the password without resetting the entire device?

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Unfortunately you will loose your data. It is the security design, no point in having a password to protect your information if there is a way around it.

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I have a used Trio Tablet Mst-1041 and another smaller generic tablet that was given to me because the Passwords were either forgotten or corrupted & I am trying to do a "Hard reset' on both of them also.. When the Power button & Vol+ is used it boots into the normal window asking for PW.. When the Power button & vol- is used it boots into safe mode still wanting a PW. These answers here are not helpful at all, there must be another way to do hard resets on these tablets. Any viable answer will be highly appreciated since I really hate to throw away two perfectly working tablets just because of a stupid Password lockout.

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If you have enabled Android Device Manager on your device, you can reset your password from the Device Manager website. Follow these steps:

  • Log in to Android Device Manager
  • Select your device
  • Select 'Lock'
  • Enter a new, temporary password for your device and click 'Lock'
  • Enter the temporary password on your device
  • Go to your lock screen settings and disable the temporary password you created.

If this doesn't work or you do not have Android Device Manager enabled, you will probably have to do a factory reset. Follow kris's instructions or check out the troubleshooting guide.

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How can you "Log" in to the Android Device Manager" when you cant even log in without the "Password" to begin with? The "Issue" is.. The "Question" is... How can you hard reset the Tablet to erase, factory reset or get around the the password requirement. Did you even read the question? Your response was not helpful at all.

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