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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 Troubleshooting

Released May 2014 , model number SM-T530

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Won't Charge

The tablet will not charge.

Faulty Charging Cord

If your Samsung Galaxy Tab is not charging, you may have a faulty cord. When charging, a light will appear indicating the device is plugged in correctly. Some charging cords will plug in and light up, but do not charge the device. To ensure the device is charging, check the upper right corner of the screen to see if the battery icon lights up. If not, you may have a faulty charging cord. If wires are exposed or the charger appears damaged, you may need to purchase a new one.

Faulty Charging Port

If the charger does not fit, confirm that it is the correct charger. You can do this by looking at the charging connector to see if it fits in the device port. If the correct charger does not fit or falls out, it could be that the port is damaged. See this guide for directions on how to replace the charging port.

The Battery Power Runs out Quickly

The battery power does not hold charge for the intended duration.

Defective Battery

If your battery doesn't seem to be holding it's charge, your battery may be defective. The normal battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 4.10.1 is about 9 hours. Some batteries do not last as long due to manufacturing issues or overuse. Before resorting to changing the battery, try conserving battery power by turning off the bluetooth function or enabling power saving mode. If this method does not work, or your Samsung Galaxy Tab only stays on while plugged into the charger, you most likely have a defective battery. Try replacing the battery with this guide.

The Pictures Are Blurry or Distorted

The images taken with the Samsung Galaxy Tab appear to be distorted.

Defective Camera Lens

If the pictures you have taken on your tablet aren't coming out right or are distorted, you may have a defective camera lens. A defective camera lens can result from being dropped, scratched, or overused. Test to make sure that the photo is in focus before shooting the picture by focusing the screen. You can do this by holding down the screen over the desired shot. If not, see if the lens is scratched or damaged. See this guide for information on how to replace the rear camera.

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battery temprature low warning sign when in room temprature

Danny sohanta - Contestar

battery temprature low warning sign when in room temprature

Danny sohanta - just now

Danny sohanta - Contestar

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