It turned on every single time before the time that it didn't...

Inconvenient because your computer died right when you needed it, but with a quick charge you can have the battery up and kicking once more. Simply connect the computer's power cable to a nearby outlet. Your computer will be usable once the power cable is connected, and will operate while it is charging.

If a simple charge does not work, try taking out the battery and putting it back in again. Wouldn't it be funny if you were freaking out over nothing.

It is normal for the battery life to shorten as your laptop is used. Eventually, the battery will not be able to hold a charge. If your computer shows a 0% battery life all the time, will only turn on when plugged in, or the battery indicator on the side is always blinking, your battery is probably completely drained of power. It will not damage the computer to keep using the dead battery, but it will decrease performance and may leak acid. You might just want to bite the bullet and replace the battery.

When I move the mouse/ type on keyboard nothing happens...

Sometimes your computer tries to juggle too much, leading to a crash and burn. Ctrl+Alt+Del will take you to the task manager program. If you get there, you can shut down your program by clicking on the program name and then clicking "end program". If you can't open the task manager and the screen is still unresponsive, press the "shut down" button on the right side of the computer. Slide the button and hold, and the computer should shut off. Reboot the computer, and check how much was saved before the crash.

This is not good...

If that is the case, you may have to replace the hard drive.This is one of the more serious computer problems, so make sure it will not start up and cannot be revived by any other method. Don't panic though, because we have a guide for you to follow, right here.

You can't type...

I'm not gonna lie, with Microsoft operating systems, restarting the computer fixes 90% of problems. Try it.

If your keyboard is freaking out, or not responding, you may need to replace the keyboard. This is a bit time intensive, but you will be able to finally use the "a" key without copy and pasting. A walkthrough for installing a new keyboard can be found here.

The mouse is not responding to touch...

The top left of the touchpad has a small button that, when accidentally brushed with your hand, will glow orange and disable the pad.

The computer is radiating enough heat to cook an omelette...

Laptops produce significant heat during high performance. Ironically, when you place the computer on your lap or other soft surfaces the fans cannot dissipate heat fast enough. If your laptop is unusually hot, try moving it to a hard surface like a desk. If this does not help, try closing any unnecessary or high resource applications.

It's just not as young as it used to be...

All computers have a processing limit, especially old ones. If performance is slow, try shutting down redundant programs, or even restarting the computer. If this still does not yield the desired speed, you may want to upgrade the RAM.

For some odd reason, you cannot connect to any wireless networks...

That orange light will get you every time. Just check that the light above the wifi symbol on the top right of the keyboard is glowing blue.

Wifi is extremely convenient. The price for this convenience, however, is that it is also extremely unreliable and fickle. The network could be down, your wireless settings could be wrong for the router, or the server might need login information before you start browsing. So next time you are having problems connecting to your neighbors wifi, ask them if they are having any problems with it before you start dismantling your computer.

In the event that none of the above solutions work, your wifi card might need replacing. It's a bit of a job, so before you attempt to replace it, make sure you have checked settings on your router/service provider and that no one else has the same problem. Don't worry though; we outline the replacment process step by step right here.

The date and time don't match my calendar...

There are alot of HP vendors. Chances are that the new computer was not assembled in the store where you bought it, or even in the same time zone. When you buy a new computer, the factory settings may be wrong. Nothing is perfect. However, this problem has an easy solution. Depending on your operating system, you may be able to update the time online, but if internet access is not available, you can change the time and date immediately by going to the Start Menu, clicking on the "Control Panel", and going to the "Time and Date" settings panel. Reset the time and date and then hit "Apply."

There are two possibilities here: the problem is in the hardware (you can touch it), or the problem is in the software (you can't touch it). If the problem is in the software, it could be one of several things. If you have multiple operating systems on your computer, switching between them could cause your computer to have to two clocks running at different times. Since the computer is not capable of time travel, it may synchronize the two clocks, usually both to the wrong time. Other causes of the problem may be a change in time zone, a change in operating system, or a software update.

If none of the above conditions apply to your computer, and the time and date is still mockingly incorrect, you may have to install a new RTC Battery. This is because the battery that runs the clock when the computer is off is drained. Installing a new one is outlined step by step here.

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