13" aluminum unibody, 2.0 or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

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Power supply directly over battery connector


My Macbook has got a issue on the logic board and so the battery is not charging over the normal power supply but it is working fine with the battery. My question is if it is possible to connect the power adapter directly to the battery connector.

If this is possible, could somebody tell me which of the 7 cables of the battery connector are the right ones.

This is my only hope to get my macbook to work again.. So I have nothing to lose if my experiment fails.

thanks for your answers!

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Added the correct link to the device. As I learned the hard way, it's important.


Hi Sean, I have the same problem, mac book pro 13 won't charge, but if I plug it to the AC charger, the battery won't discharge either. Once by fluke when I had my time machine drive connected - the batt did reach 80 charge. But never again. So all I do is keep it plugged and use but my charge is stuck at 40 and slowly loosing it.. Was thinking if I can remove and charge the battery directly. Were you able to find a solution for direct connection?? Apple guys are askin my to change The logic board and my machine is 3 years old....

Thank u


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NO don't do it, here is a safer, easier solution.

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Well, seems he has a Unibody, and I don't see it listed in the FastMac device list.

On the other hand, I agree with you. It's better searching for ready made external chargers, dabbling with a battery is dangerous.


I don't know if you understood me right. My plan was to remove the battery and to connect the power supply to the plug where usually the battery is connected.


Simon - I understood that, but it wont work, you'd need to build a "black box" to keep the lion battery from catching fire or exploding. For a DIY it's a very Advanced project. A modification, not a fix. IMnsHO it's smarter to buy a device that's been tested and has a warranty than to make your own. Stefano - I guess he's going to run with the case off, or something?


Ok. Got it!! Thx for your answers! It was only an idea. I was a little frustrated after the statement of the apple technician, who told me that i have to exchange the motherboard and i did not want to give up my machine after 3 short years..

The solution with the battery charger is not the right thing for me because then i can use my computer only as long as the battery is full and then i have to charge it again.


If you've knowledge as to what the exact problem is and want to DIY to replace the part(s) this is the place to be for help. IF you can't/don't want to DIY you might ask Apple for a depot repair (about $300.00). You could part out the machine.


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