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Agitator only goes clockwise and making grinding noise

Agitator only going clockwise and making grinding noise

Dog clips was replaced yesterday and still have same issue, it spins and drains like normal

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Hi @christybir16541,

What is the model number of the washer?

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Model # 110.29422800

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Check that the agitator is seated evenly all the way around.

Does the washer spin OK i.e. not slowly or not at all?

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Yes it is sitting evenly all the way around, it sponsor like normal

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Hi @christybir16541

Did you also replace the long cam and thrust spacer when you replaced the dogs?

If so then it could be a problem with the motor coupling

If it is worn, search online for 285753A to find suppliers that suit you best.

The agitator only goes in a clockwise direction but it does so in a ratcheting fashion so hopefully it isn't a worn transmission not changing from the spin mode to the agitate mode.

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