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Modelo A1418 / Finales de 2012 / 2.7 y 2.9 GHz Procesador Core i5 o 3.1 GHz Core i7

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Help with slow response time and GPU issue

Hi there, so I bought this 2012 iMac and upgraded the original version by installing an Samsung 870 EVO 2.5" SSD and Crucial 16Gb of DDR3 RAM in it. I upgraded macOS to Sonoma 14.1 through OPCL on the SSD.

Everything was running perfectly fine until around 2–3 weeks ago, when the mac became very slow all of a sudden.

I shut it down (the load time to the lock screen was much longer than usual). I tried resetting PRAM, cleared my SSD, and did a clean reinstall of MacOS Sonoma.

It was once again fine for a day or so before it went back to its previous issues.

The wallpapers don't load, there is extreme stuttering when loading and changing through apps, and when playing videos, I sometimes see the image being distorted (reminding me of static TV lines). I think these issues may have to do with the GPU, but I am not 100 percent sure.

Before the issues, I was using it to do some Matlab and coding, but I'm unsure if I can do with the amount of lag it has now.

What's weird is that I can write normally on webpages, but on the actual browser search bar, it's super laggy.

I will add the images of the specs, as well as a some images of the issue.

Thank you for your help.

Block Image

Block Image

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It might be worth backing up your data and then doing a clean OS installation of macOS Catalina instead of Sonoma. I'm thinking the issue might be due to an issue with Sonoma running on the 2012 iMac since that isn't natively supported. You could also try running the built in diagnostic test by holding the D key on startup. Good luck!

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@demhanawzaer - First off this system is not able to support Sonoma natively! I'm not sure I follow why you are trying to run OpenCL on top.

While I can understand your desires to run a newer macOS using a OS shim service, I must warn you these services have there limits. You maybe pushing things a bit to far here.

I would recommend you drop back to the highest supported macOS which is Catalina (10.15.7) then you can run OpenCL But do keep in mind OpenCL is deprecated service and you should be using Metal

I should also point out your system may not support the version of Metal you are trying to use here Support for Metal on Mac, iPad, and iPhone and thats independent of the OS level. You see the GPU microcode is also an issue here.

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