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Is my cpu dead

My computer is showing all the signs of a dead cpu but I’m not sure. It turn on the fans turn on but there is no display output and I can’t get anything to happen when I press any buttons on my keyboard or mouse. What do you guys think.

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It's a bit difficult without knowing the exact components but try a power refresh and check if that works.

Turn off the PC and then disconnect the power from the PSU.

Open it up and look for a coin cell battery on the motherboard and if one is there remove it as well.

Next, press and hold the power button operated for a full 30 seconds and then release it.

Reinsert the coin cell battery on the motherboard (+ve side up as marked on the battery) reassemble the PC, reconnect the power to the PSU and turn it on and check.

If still no good usually Dell PCs have 4 diagnostic lights on the back of the case which is a code to tell you what's wrong. Also if the power button light is flashing or is a different colour. That's why knowing what Inspiron model the motherboard came from would really help.

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I’m responding to this late at night so I can’t test it now but I will try but please note it is not in its original case and does not have indicater lights on the motherboard or case or a power button light see you in the morning.

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Then knowing the Inspiron model the motherboard came from or even the motherboard make and model number would really help.

You can see what you've got but we can only go on what you tell us. Without knowing a lot of it is just guesswork

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I could not find a way to take out the cmos battery I even watched a video but would not help

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If you can't tell us the motherboard model number then at least post some close up images of the board showing as much of it as you can.

Here's how to do this in ifixit Agregar imágenes a una pregunta existente.

You've got to help us to help you otherwise just telling us what you tried to do without us knowing on what exact board it is doesn't really help.

Just like cars, PCs may operate similarly but this doesn't mean that they are all the same underneath

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I tried uploading images can you tell me if you can see them?

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@graysenfisher sure, it's possible. I bet you do not like us guessing :-) We really need to know more about your computer. Give us the details about your setup:

Motherboard (make and model)

Power supply (Watt and make)

Memory (amount and make)

Storage HDD/SSD (make and model)

Video card (make and model)

The more details you provide the great the chance of providing you with a useful answer.

All we can give you right now is, yes! It it's possible that this is a bad CPU. ;-)

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I have a motherboard that came from a dell ispirion and it has a 2nd gen ryzen 7 an older Radeon card I forgot what one and a dell power supply from an ispirion with 2 sticks of 8 gb of ram so 16 go of ram with a 2 tb crucial ssd.

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Has it worked OK before or is this a new "build"?

Do you know what Inspiron model the board came from?

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It worked just fine before. It kinda stoped responding to my imput so I restarted it and now it’s doing what I described

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@graysenfisher are you connecting your input devices via USB? Have you made sure that your keyboard and/or your mouse work on another computer, or have you tried a different mouse/keyboard on your computer?

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Yea I verified that my keyboard and mouse both work as they work with other computers. But there is one thing I don’t know if it matters but since the motherboard was from an ispirion it does not like when I added anything to it so when the fans where changed it hated that and would not let me boot but then I fixed that but ever since when I turned it on it would say please plug in the following cable and there would be no cable following the error message l and I just had to click alt f4 to boot.

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