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Repair guides and troubleshooting for the HP Compaq DC7500, a business class desktop computer introduced in 2007.

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cpu fan is spinning very fast and no signal from computer no display

cpu fan is spinning very fast and no signal from computer no display

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Hi @geofreynazarius

Try a full power refresh, in case it is a corrupted BIOS that is the cause of the problem.

Turn off the PC if it is on - long press of the power button and then disconnect the power cord from the PC.

Open the PC and locate the coin cell RTC (Real Time Clock -aka cmos) battery on the motherboard and remove it from the motherboard. Whilst the RTC battery is out measure its voltage. If it is <2.5V DC replace it. It is a CR2032 Lithium non rechargeable coin cell battery that lasts about 4-6 years. It is commonly available e.g. supermarkets.

Here's an image of the motherboard for your PC showing the battery location

Block Image

(click on image)

Press and hold the PC power button for a full 30 seconds and then release it.

Reinsert the RTC coin cell battery into the battery holder on the motherboard - +ve side up as marked on the battery.

Reassemble the PC and connect the power cord to the PC and try turning it on and check.

If it starts OK there may be a message regarding the Date and Time being incorrect. This is normal as the BIOS has been reset. Once the D&T have been corrected, the message won't appear the next time the PC is started.

Also if you have changed any user definable settings in BIOS to suit whatever specific operating requirements, these will have to be changed back again to what you had.

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