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Repair guides and support information for Lenovo's IdeaCentre series of all-in-one desktops.

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Computer turn on and goes to power saving mode

Hi all,

I have an All in one IdeaCentre Horizon 27 Machine Type: 10109, which i have been struggling with for a long time. The issue is that once i turn it on, it goes to power saving mode count down then the fan are still spinning and nothing is showing.

I tried plugin an external screen (nothing)

I tried reseting the cmos battery, same

I tried different Ram, same

I tried a different motherboard =same

Im not sure what else i need to try

Any advice would be much appreciated

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@redwave any recent upgrades? Are you running Win10 on it? You tried known-well Ram modules? "different motherboard" known-well board?

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@redwave first, here is the maintenance manual for your computer. Hang onto it since we may need it. You are not telling us if you can get into the BIOS and/or which version Windows you are using. Since you already replaced pretty much everything, I would look into the hard drive being the culprit. Press and hold the F1 key then turn on the computer. When the Lenovo BIOS Setup Utility program is displayed, release the F1 key. See if your computer "sees" your hard drive. You also want to try to set the boot order by selecting a startup device. Get a bootable USB drive or similar and see if that gets it to start up properly.

Alos, not sure about resetting the CMOS battery. I would suggest a new one.

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It’s not booting to anything

Pretty much goes into power saving mode as soon as you turn on the computer.

I disconnected the hdd and battery and tried booting it like that. The lcd works fine as i ised tge hmdi input mode and was able to mirror my laptop. So the issue here is that the lcd is not getting signal when on PC mode ive been searching for issue but all i found is many people having the same issue and no resolution was provided by lenovo whatsoever

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Also i already tried putting a new cmos battery and same. Even tried booting up without the cmos battery and all the same

I looked up the frequency of the ddr3 Ram module which was 128 i’ve tried about 5 modules and same results, just fan turning and no picture

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@redwave since you already tried a new motherboard, the issue has to be one something that did not get changed. The only thing is your display. This ' the lcd is not getting signal when on PC mode' would have been resolved by the new motherboard. Have you checked the display adapter/connector which connects to your motherboard? Can you post some good pictures of what you got going on there. I know it's a beast to open up etc. but there doesn't seem to be another way. Agregar imágenes a una pregunta existente

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That’s the last thing that was on my list because it’s a pain in the neck to replace. It’s connected to some ribbons so it would be pretty much impossible to replace. If that’s the case i guess i would just use it as an external monitor then

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@redwave there's really nothing else that I can think off, since everything else was already replaced. We have a whole lot of people on here that are way smarter than me like @jayeff @erelectronics @aactech. Hopefully they can come up with something more viable than me.

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