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Guías de reparación y soporte para la serie WF361BVBBEWR, incluida la A1. A 3.6 pies cúbicos. Lavadora de carga frontal de alta eficiencia de 8 pies de capacidad con calentador de agua interno.

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Why is my machine leaking when the washer is filling?

My washer is leaking water when it fills at the beginning of the cycle and when it fills to rinse. It’s a steady stream of water when this happens. It’s leaking on the front, middle, underside of the machine. I’ve drained the emergency drain and it’s plugged correctly. I get a lot out of there, I try to drain that every few days. But tonight I was able to see the leak in action, and I was consistent with filling, not draining. Any suggestions??

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Hi @tarakelly63563

Does the machine fill with some water overnight when not in use?

If it does it may be a faulty water inlet solenoid valve not closing properly when it should.

If it doesn't it may be a hose connection from the inlet valve to the dispensers.

Try turning off the washer's water supply taps (faucets) one at a time i.e. hot then cold, to see which supply is associated with the leak.

There are two water inlet valves for the washer, here's a link that shows where they're located and has a video that shows how to change them. This may help you to find out what's happening.

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