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The Hover-1 Maverick's manufacturer part number is H1-MVRK-MNT.

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Can I swap out the charging cords

I have two different hoverboards and I want to use the one I have a charging cord for the other one . But the plug in ports are diffent

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If you open the boards you will see the charging port connects to the motherboard with a small white two pin connector. Both boards should be the same. You can swap these over but make sure the wires go back on the same way they came off.

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James Scott that is a pretty generic question you posted here. Unless we can see what you see, we can only give you a generic answer. Yes, you can. All you would have to do is to switch over the plugs. Most likely, you would have to cut them (leave enough wire on the plug) and then connect the proper plug to each wiring harness. Use crimp connectors or solder the wires properly. Here is the most important part. Make sure that plug contacts are connected in a way that they correspond with what those wires do. Make sure that the batteries use the same charge etc.

Post some pictures of what you have going on there and what you are going to try. Agregar imágenes a una pregunta existente

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