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laptop wont power up

Our, 2019 Asus 15.6" FHD Touchscreen Thin and Light Chromebook Laptop Computer, Intel Quad-Core Pentium N4200, will not power on. It is completely dead. our daughter only uses it for school. Please advise.

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Can you confirm that the Chromebook doesn't work when plugged into a charger (No lights or anything

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That is correct. Will not power up when the charger is plugged in... not 100% if there is no light when the charger is connected. We plugged it in and it would not power up, so then we let the battery drain, plugged it back in to charge and it still wont power up.

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@rungirl Is the charger USB-C?

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@rungirl Can you uload a photo of the charging connector? Agregar imágenes a una pregunta existente

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could u please attach picture of charging port and have u tried to use a different charger and could u attach Model Number so you can be assisted further thanks

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Hi @rungirl

If the model number of the laptop is C523NA (seems to match the description you provided) it may be a loose or faulty USB-C charge port.

If the port is damaged (use a magnifying glass and check) then if so fortunately the port is on a separate sub board in the laptop so you don't have to try and find the exact replacement USB-C connector.

It could also just be loose and may only need to be re-soldered back on.

There are 2 IO (Input/output) boards available for the model. Asus part # 90NX01R0-R10010 and 90NX01R0-R10011 (supplier examples only to show cost of part)

I'm not sure which one is the one you need but either should work as they're both listed in the parts list for the laptop. Check what is printed on the board in your laptop. If you decide to replace the board, search online using the part number only, to find suppliers that suit you best.

Here's a teardown video that may help.

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