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Briggs & Stratton 190cc Model 120000 Quantum 675 Series Lawn Mower Engine. Released February 2011. For Toro 6.75 ft-lb torque Lawn Mower.

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metal is cracked engine oil pours out

Mine, the metal is cracked by my mechanic, all effort to have it covered hasn't worked yet, engine oil pours out once the engine is on and drop when parked too. What can I do please?

Its had like a hole towards the base of the engine, not on the block

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utamjoseph it is a 675 engine? Where is the hole/crack? Post some pictures with your QUESTION so we can see what you see. To add pictures you need to edit your QUESTION and use this guide Agregar imágenes a una pregunta existente

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utamjoseph These small engines have the oil sump directly beneath the cylinder jug. If there’s a hole, it needs to be replaced. Getting a spare donor machine off of Facebook marketplace or similar is your best bet.

Be advised though; Swapping it over requires a lot of work, and the tolerances are in the tiniest of thousands of millimeters. It would take an experienced small engine mechanic a couple of hours up to half a day to do the job, so most consumers opt for getting a working engine from somewhere, then replace the broken one.

If you could post some pictures using Adding images to existing questions

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