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3 of 4 power windows not working driver is the only one that works

All 3 passenger windows stopped working at once ive tried everything from the main relays to the fuses and changing the door modules i know the motors are good im just not getting enough power to them its been like this for over a year and i just want my windows back please help.

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Just verifying that you checked all of the fuses i.e Underhood fuse box #'s 41, 42, 51 & 54, driver's underdash fuse box #9 & passenger's underdash fuse box # 7, 8, 13, 15 &16?

Update (08/02/2022)

Hi @RobinRaptor

Here's the service manual that will help.

Click on 1998 – 2002 Accord 2/4 Dr > Body Electrical to view the circuits for the power windows. Not the "V6 supplement section" as this is only extras for the V6 model The windows circuits are the same.

Go to p.161 onwards

If it fails to load i.e "Oops something when wrong" message, click on reload page (F5 key if Windows OS). You may have to try this a few times but it does work.

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Yes i checked every single fuse and wires leading up as far as i can get to without stripping the entire car apart

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