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The third generation Pixel released by Google in October 2018.

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Pixel 3 shut off

Phone shut off while playing music in my pocket. It will not turn on, nor does it respond at all to any wired chargers. I sat it on a wireless charger and it did get hot after some time. No response to the power button at all.

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I did put my phone to charge the last evening. It did charge as I remember, but the next morning it was turned off. It doesn't respond to any external manipulations at all.

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I was able to identify, if to connect the phone to the MacBook the prone identified as like a device "QUSB_BULK_CID:0402_SN:12345678:" (s/n "12345678" I did change here) with extra information

- "Product ID: 0x9008",

- "Vendor ID: 0x05c6 (Qualcomm, Inc)",

- "Version: 0.00",

- "Speed: Up to 480 Mb/s",

- "Manufacturer: Qualcomm CDMA Technologies MSM",

- "Location ID", Current Available (mA): 500",

- "Current Required (mA): 0",

- " Extra Operating Current (mA): 0"

This is definitely not a port or cable problem or maybe not a charger port, but maybe a charging module and battery over-discharged.

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