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La Aspire 3 A315 es una computadora portátil reparable de Acer.

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What type of SSD

I want to upgrade my sisters notebook but I don’t know what connector type is has M.2 Sata or M.2 NVMe? Model is Acer 15.6" Aspire 3 A315

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Does the model number have a number after it (e.g. A315-35)? You may need to look on the bottom of the computer.

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@timmis Are you planning to perform a clean install of Windows on the new SSD(data from the previous SSD is not accessible) or clone the partition from the old drive(all data on the previous SSD is accessible)?

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I read online that I should do a fresh install, so I'm thinking of doing that

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Can i install XPG GAMMIX S70 Blade on my Acer Aspire3 A315-23?

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Hi @timmis ,

According to this it has a M.2 sata SSD so presumably it has an M.2 sata slot.

An M.2 nvme will insert into the slot but it won’t work due to different protocols being used.

An M.2 sata will most probably work in an M.2 nvme slot but only at sata speeds.

Here’s a video that shows how to open the laptop and access the SSD that may help.

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Should be fine.


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Can confirm that SATA m.2s work in nvme slots, as that's what I have in my PC.

Speaking of which, I have a 1TB sata ssd and a 512GB nvme ssd and I can only use one or the other. Which would you recommend?

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Hi @belorianrepair

It might depend on what you use the computer for most and how much internal storage you require.

M.2 nvme is better for gaming and high resolution video editing applications etc as it is ~6x faster for read/write functions than M.2 sata (3.5GB/s vs 0.6GB/s)

If it only used for general everyday use and you need the storage then use the sata.

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@jayeff I usually favor NVMe given the choice, but you know what I buy... Fully loaded business class, with the exception of tolerating the i5 if the performance is not much worse than the i7 unless most have the i7 and you're just going to pay a premium anyway.

Do you need it for general usage? No, but if the machine supports it, it's worth the cost. You don't kneecap a i7-8650U with a AHCI SSD.

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This M.2 slot in this model is for SATA3 SSDs.

If you are doing a fresh install of Windows, you will need a USB drive. Do you have a USB drive and access to the internet?

Also, what size of SSD are you looking for?

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Yes, I already have a Windows USB that I made just in case something goes wrong with my computer

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