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Cieling fan making shrill noise only when acs are on

When any of the acs are on in my house the cieling fan starts making a shrill whistling sound..we have centralized ac. With out outdoor unit and seperate indoor units. Any idea what can be the reason.

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Are there any aircon outlets near the fan blades?

The aircon may be blowing air too strongly, directly onto the blades, maybe causing them to flutter or the fan motor to struggle.

With aircon, you shouldn’t need to have the fan on as there should be enough airflow coming from the aircon to cool (or heat, if reverse cycle) the entire room.

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We have 7 ACs and even if one ac is on all fans emit a shrill noise. So basically it is the problem with the outdoor unit wiring. But all readings are fine. The electrician is suggesting to install a ECB at the outdoor unit to identify any leakage. Any one else who faced such kind of a problem?

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@Richa Sahu

Do you have any problems with other appliances at all, e.g refrigerator, TV even a vacuum cleaner when the A/C is operating?

Are the fan power circuits on the same supply as the air con i.e. are they fed by the same fuse in the meter box?

In most household power supplies the air con units would have their own fuses in the meter box as they need a higher rated fuse, and the fans would be on the lights or the power outlet fuse

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