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Lanzado por primera vez en 2010, el HP Compaq Presario CQ56-110US es uno de los modelos ofrecidos en la serie de portátiles Compaq Presario.

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Presario cq56 still drained battery after shutdown

Hi, my Presario cq56 still drained battery after shutdown and I also noticed the cd-rom indicator light still flashes rapidly.

if battery is 100% charged and shutdown the laptop the next morning when putting it on… the battery will be 40%

please assist

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Create a battery report to check the status of the battery. Losing that amount of charge overnight may indicate that it is failing to hold its charge and needs to be replaced.

When you have the report compare the Design Capacity value against the Full Charge capacity value. With a good battery they should nearly be the same.

If the battery is failing/faulty here’s the Ifixit HP Compaq Presario CQ56-110US Battery Replacement guide that shows how to remove/insert it. Ifixit sells replacement batteries. Just click on the Parts link in the guide above.

Have you checked that the cd drive works OK i.e. opens and closes when you press the eject button and that it still reads discs OK?

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Yes, it *is* possible the DVD drive or battery may be bad but I had one. Worst machine out of the HP degradation to becoming "budget HP laptops" of the bunch.

These had horrible daughterboard overvoltage safety, and unreliable motherboards. It tends to be a motherboard fault quite often. These machines "killed" Compaq in 2013.

- de

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