"The system files are corrupted" - can this be fixed?

I got this Wii with a lot of two for $18 per unit as-is (RVL-001). The other unit looks fine, but the DVD drive has an issue but other then that, it’s all there best I can tell :-). However, this one has a issue with the file system. “The system files are corrupted” error :-(. As far as I know it isn’t modded (although I can’t fully confirm this) and it’s at the new setup screen so as far as I know, someone MAY have tried to fix this by going into the maintenance menu anyway and it’s a lost cause. However, the DVD drive may very well work as it doesn’t sound awful like the other Wii does.

Is there a way to get into the unit’s maintenance menu from Setup, or is this thing boned? If so, I’m reusing the DVD drive.

I was able to do a “quick and dirty” setup, so I can get in and have some options now.

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Hi @nick,

Have you seen this?

Some info shown by the different responses further down the page may be of some help.

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@jayeff I suspect a possible mod knowing about the common reason, but I also don't have anything conclusive sadly.

Got to the health and safety screen :-). Made progress. Trying to get online now, but worst case I get a cheap GC controller from Gamestop.

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