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Released on June 1, 2011, with model number A665-S5170, which can be found on the bottom of the laptop.

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Device turns on, doesn’t boot or show a display, then shuts off

Whenever I turn on my Toshiba laptop the power button led and the two first LEDs on the led panel on the bottom right turn on, but the CPU light (the fourth one on the led panel) only flashes once and does not come on again, and after about a minute of nothing but the CPU fan running, the fan goes to full speed for about 1-10 seconds then the whole laptop shuts off and does this every single time I try to turn it on. What do I do?

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How long have you had this issue? Can you confirm when the last time was that the laptop was working, and what happened leading up to the failure? It might be a faulty CPU that needs to be reflowed, but it could also just be a dead mobo. More diagnostic information would be extremely helpful.

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@minas I received this from my boss and am planning on giving this to my mom. he said that it has been like this for two years since he received it in a box with random devices from different people. he doesn't know if it has been like this for longer than that or how it came to be like this. also, you said reflowing the CPU, can you tell me how to do that because it might fix my issue?

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Reflowing a CPU is maybe an extreme first option to try.

Does it do this with the charger connected and switched on you didn’t say?

Try a power refresh and check if this resolves the problem. Sometimes the BIOS can become corrupted, preventing a normal startup and performing a power refresh, restores the BIOS to its factory default settings

i). Disconnect the charger if connected and then remove the main battery from the laptop. Here’s the Ifixit Toshiba Satellite A665-S5170 Battery Replacement that shows how to do this.

ii). Press and hold the laptop’s Power On/Off button for a full 30 seconds and then release it.

iii). Reinsert the battery into the laptop, reconnect and switch on the charger and then try turning on the laptop and check.

If still no good then try the same procedure as above but this time remove the RTC battery (supplier example only to show what it looks like) after removing the main battery and dis-assembling the laptop to a point where you can disconnect the battery from the motherboard.

Here’s a disassembly guide that may help.

After it is removed, use a voltmeter to measure the battery voltage. If it is <2.5V DC replace it.

Then reconnect the RTC (Real Time Clock aka CMOS) battery, re-assemble the laptop, reinsert the main battery and connect the charger and try to turn it on.

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It does not have a battery, it died, so yes it does this when it is plugged in and switched on. I will try to remove and check the RTC once I get the tools. Thanks bro for the possible solution

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@jayeff is absolutely right, reflowing your motherboard is certainly not the easy option and can very well just destroy your laptop, but the symptoms you described do seem to be indicative of this kind of problem (i.e. there’s a vital connection missing somewhere on the GPU). Again, perform this process at your own risk.

I would recommend following all other possible options, but if nothing works then follow the disassembly guide to strip down the mobo to its bare parts (CPU, heatsink & fan, RAM, BIOS battery, wires, speakers, stickers, plastic sticky guards, foam spacers, absolutely everything that can be removed from the motherboard). After that, you can start with the reflow. This site has a pretty decent guide on how to do it: This should solidify all the solder connections again and hopefully fix your issue.

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I will do so once I get the tools, thanks bro

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