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Toshiba E45W-C4200X battery shows full charge but when unplugged it SD

Runs fine plugged in and shows full battery power but once unplugged shuts down. Won’t restart unless plugged in. Tried updating battery driver and unplugging battery but still nothing.

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If your laptop shuts down once you unplug the adapter, it naturally means your battery is not operating properly.

Most likely, your battery reached the end of its useful life and stopped holding a charge. Another possibility is that the battery connector inside your laptop is damaged.

A good test firstly could be to plug the battery of a similar laptop and check if it works with the other device.

Sometimes, the problem could be that the BIOS is obsolete. This affects the chipset and subsequently, the communication between the battery and laptop. Thus, you could update the BIOS.

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Hi @tom222 ,

Create a Win 10 battery report to check the status of the battery.

Compare Design capacity against Full Charge capacity and note if there is a difference at all. Turn the difference into a percentage value to check how good or bad the battery is i.e. is full charge 90% of design or perhaps only 20% etc

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