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The Asus Q304UA is a 13.3-inch convertible laptop. Released in 2016. Model number: ASUS Q304UA 2-in-1.

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How to Replace CMOS CABLE Hard Driver cable Connector DD0BKETH000

I’m sure it will be evident once I receive the replacement cable, but where does it connect inside the touch display? thanks, David

Update (10/21/2020)

I understand and agree with almost everything you said except (and in the tutorial you referenced you can see in figure 8 the 2 wires coming from the connector) the cable I mentioned and that’s exactly what it’s called. Here is a link to where I’m purchasing mine with pictures:

The additional wire that is not going to the connector of the hard drive goes up with the wifi antenna cable and take a right there and to the hinge and I believe into the display. Whereever the second wire goes even if not to the display is what I’m trying to find out

I was surprised by the quick reply, but please take a moment to look at that cable and maybe from there you can help me out.


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Not sure what you mean by the CMOS cable, but here’s the ifixit Asus Q304UA Hard Drive Replacement guide, that shows how to connect the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) combo sata connector cable (DD0BKETH000) between the HDD and the motherboard.

The CMOS is a physical part of the motherboard: it is a memory chip that houses setting configurations. The CMOS is where the BIOS stores the date, time and system configuration details it needs to start the computer. The BIOS is the program that starts a computer up.

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I don't know but if the other cable tied into the same connector goes to the lid, then it may be for the camera or as you say the touch display.

Usually though in other laptops these are in with the video cable connector but I suppose it can vary

- de

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