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Why is my freezer not defrosting?

I have a Kenmore/Whirlpool refrigerator/freezer (bottom-mount freezer) - model # 596.75232404. The freezer is frosting over and doesn’t defrost. I replaced the defrost thermostat and heating element. Even when I put the appliance into the Forced Defrost mode (both Short & Long cycle), the freezer does not defrost. Does that mean that the problem is the main control board?

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Three possibilities:

Defrost heater assembly

Defrost Thermostat

Main Control Board here’s the part:

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Thank you. I already replaced the heating element and defrost thermostat. I already bought the main control board (from Repair Clinic :) ). I haven't replaced the control board yet. Will try that tomorrow. Thank you, again!

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Have you checked that there is power leaving the control board to the defrost heater when in the defrost mode?

Be safety aware as most heaters operate at mains voltage supply i.e. 120V AC.

Can't find the wiring diagram for the refrigerator so check the cabinet wire harness colours at the heater and see if you can see similar coloured ones on the control board connectors. There will most probably be a few the same so you may have to disconnect the power from the refrigerator and use an Ohmmeter to check the wires for continuity between the heater and the board to find the correct wires.

Once you have found them then they are OK, then check if there is power on the board there when in defrost mode. If there is no power there then that will prove it is the board.

If you can't find them then it is in the wiring

Just trying to eliminate the possibility that it is a wiring problem and not a board problem e.g. faulty wire crimp in a connector etc

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