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iPhone X won't charge from wireless or lightning port after drop

I have a friend that contacted me about his iPhone X not charging after having dropped it. I suggested he try a wireless charger as a quick troubleshooting method to rule out the charging port replacement. He says it won’t charge on the wireless pad either.

In my experience this means it is either the battery or the IC chip. I’m leaning towards it being a problem with the solder points on the IC chip since it happened after the phone fell. Does this make sense, or am I missing something else?

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If your friend can confirm that the chargers (wired and wireless) work on other devices, then yes, I would agree that this is most likely related to the drop. It could be as simple as a disconnected battery or a damaged charge port but more likely it would be related to the charge circuit.

I would start by opening up the device and checking the integrity of the battery connection first. They could try a replacement charge port but IMHO, if the battery connector doesn’t solve the issue, I would have this looked at by a micro-soldering repair shop as the X series is quite tricky to work with.

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